By: Roberta Rossini On: January 28, 2015 In: Excellence, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Success story Comments: 0

In the last two articles, we learned together how to recognize stress and we realized we can get in control when in a stressful situation by deciding how to react. Prolonged stress –  like a fast pace life – can drain the energy in our body and mind making...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: September 08, 2014 In: Success story, Uptitude Comments: 1

When I first saw this I said: “Wow!” She filmed this testimonial while working on her big video project in Serbia together with her father and their filming team. Since we worked together she changed her job, started writing great articles together with our Motivation Content Creators team and travels all...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: June 26, 2014 In: Change, Coaching, Success story Comments: 0

Martine worked in the European Parliament in Brussels and she quit her job a few weeks ago to pursue her dream job. She came to coaching as she needed help to finish writing her PhD and continue with a healthy lifestyle in the same time. We had a 5...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: May 27, 2014 In: Coaching, Learning, Life, Success story Comments: 0

Just a while ago we finished a coaching program with one of our clients from Milan. As always, at the end of the program, we asked for feedback to see where the coachee was at the beginning of the program and how far he/she got when the program finished....

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