Stories of people inspired by Uptitude to change their life!

This is Martine, Uptitude's coach!

I began coaching with Lidia on a variety of topics relevant to my profession, but also to the work-private life balance. I feel she manages to help you find the inner motivation, that may at times be latent. By visualization, she made me see my goals better and encouraged me to work my way diligently towards achieving them. She does this with a youthful spirit that is fun and energizing, while understanding complexity linked to professional and private projects. She made an impossible project be possible.

N, Advisor, External Affairs in the European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium

While working with Lidia I learned that I can change my way of seeing things from a negative perspective into a positive one and transform bad experiences into learning situations in order to overcome them in the future. I understood that besides the coaching sessions and the methods Lidia used, I needed to get involved personally, apply and take action, otherwise nothing changes.

Ana-Maria C, Automotive Engineer, Romania

Lidia has showed me the importance of making things happen NOW and not to hide behind excusses in order not to start them. I also learned that by taking small steps today, sometime in the future, I will achieve in the end a very big change in my life on a personal and professional level. Another great lesson I have learned is that “important but not urgent” issues shoul be given more focus on a daily basis.

D. P, European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium

My experience with Uptitude was very positive, last April I found myself faced with a very important choice regarding my future job. As often happens when you have in front of you important opportunities, the time that I had was very short. I had to decide whether to risk my chances or let go of an opportunity. With Lidia’s help, I managed to see everything more objectively and I discovered what was my choice very easy. Thanks to that decision, now it’s been 8 months since I am away from home and I work for a major multinational company.

Gianluca G, Laboratory Technician, Italy

The help from Lidia came at a time when I needed to figure out a path in my career and life. Through our coaching sessions I discovered my true interests and worked on integrating them in my work. Her energy kept me going and her professional approach gave me confidence that what we are doing will work. And the results came.

Judit K, Regional Coordinator RIUF, Romania

Lidia is a results-oriented coach, dynamic and inquisitive, reaching for the source of the problem, not just for a temporary solution. She is highly reliable for personal development as well as for professional growth.

Ana G, marketing manager, Romania

Professional, calm and collected, great listener who is understanding, encouraging, clear, firm but fair with empathy and non-judgement… These are just a few of Lidia’s great qualities that I have enjoyed and appreciated during our sessions. Each time I leave feeling uplifted, positively charged and know that anything is possible if I put my heart to it. Lidia has genuinely got your best interest at heart and I feel that I am in safe hands with her. I am very grateful for all her assistance on my personal journey and very happy to have met her! Thank you, Lidia!

Eva J, certified coach, United Kingdom

Participating in Lidia’s seminars and training sessions was my best career move since I started working in the European Parliament two years ago.

After my participation in her first seminar, I was also curious to find out if I could benefit from her coaching approach in other aspects of my life, and so I decided to give it a try. I had this big personal project pending, which was to finish my PhD. Since working full time, being married and spending a lot of time traveling, I found it very hard to focus any of my time and energy on this project. I was becoming demotivated, anxious and even depressed. The perspective of not finishing this project successfully was something I could not imagine, yet I didn’t know how to tackle this task, which seemed like an insurmountable mountain. I needed someone to help me climbing it. Lidia was the one!

Today, not only have I completed this project, but I have found energy and motivation to work on other projects. Thanks to Lidia, my creativity and my self-confidence got a boost. Moreover, I started to apply the things I learned in her coaching sessions in other parts of my life, with my friends, relatives and coworkers. All my relationships improved drastically. On a day to day basis, I use Lidia’s methods to relax, energize or get a task done quickly and efficiently.
Today I can sincerely say that Lidia has showed me the way to becoming the person I want to be, and I thank her for that.

Martine, European Parliament Assistant, Bruxelles, Belgium

With Lidia we approached several problematics and two of my main examples are from totally different areas. First, I wanted to “solve” my addiction to chocolate or to any other sweets whenever I felt low energy. Now, I would rather enjoy a cup of tea than a bar of chocolate, as I used to do. Well, I still like sweets, but I don’t need them every day anymore.

Secondly, as I work in a political environment, under tight deadlines, with priorities that change constantly and where very often I have to switch “registers”, this becomes quite stressful. I found the coaching sessions very useful because Lidia offered me a different perspective and helped me discover a different approach and different solutions to my problems. Being able to share thoughts with somebody thinking outside the European Parliament’s box and having a refreshing view on things proved to be so useful that, together with some colleagues, we proposed to organise some sessions with Lidia in the European Parliament.

R, Assistant, European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium