What is coaching?

Coaching is about helping you achieve whatever you want in your life and at your work. It’s a relationship that involves development of skills and awareness and improvement of performance. Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life.


Coaching is about RESULTS!

Coaching is different to psychology, counseling or therapy. The big difference between coaching and these professions is that coaching doesn’t claim to have the answers. A therapist or councillor will look at the past to find solutions, a coach is not concerned with the past, but will use resources from the past when working exclusively with the present and the future. Coaching increases motivation and helps you discover your full potential. The skills and the tools that coaching uses are to help you find the answers and bring them to the surface to get the energy to make that a positive action.

 Why coaching? (Benefits)

  • you learn at your own pace and from a one-to-one relationship, the focus is 100% on you
  • you develop the skills you need for the current and/or the future jobs and activities
  • you get to talk about your issues and challenges with someone that will not judge or criticize or offer opinions, but will help you find solutions
  • everything you discuss with your coach will be confidential and will remain between you and the coach
A coach:
  • accepts you as the special individual you truly are and sees the potential that you have!
  • helps you perform better than you are currently doing and develop yours skills and confidence over a period of time
  • cares that you create what you say you want, and that you follow your choices
  • empowers you to find your own answers, encouraging and supporting you on your path
  • is not necessarily a mentor or an expert, does not have the answers but the skill to help you find the answer
  • is a change agent, an expert in creating change in people and organizations
  • does not give advice: each one of us has his own solution and way of doing things, a coach can only help you discover the solution
  • helps you reach higher levels of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action
  • has concern for you and wants to see you be better in all areas of your life and work
  • engages you by asking questionslistening and being supportive in a way that helps you discover for yourself the ways in which your attitude helps increasing the level of success
  • can keep you accountable
  • can be a source of creative ideas and help you create your vision
  • will support you with inspiration and positiveness
  • helps you change your life towards meaning & fulfillment