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Coaching skills for daily interactions Webinar

Do you want to learn how to listen to your friends, colleagues, parents and children? Do you want to be able to help them by asking the right questions?

A coach is first of all a great listener and knows how to ask the right questions to help the coachee take action and find solutions.

Learning some coaching skills does not mean that you are a coach but it means improving some of your skills for better interactions, listening the other and asking better questions. Ask better questions and receive better answers.

Happiness is my attitude Webinar

Join this webinar if you want to:

  • learn things that you did not learn in school
  • make a change in your happiness level
  • discover ways to feel and be happier
  • learn how to change your perspective in darker times


Relaxing is my attitude Webinar

We are so busy that we forget to stop from times in a while and recharge our batteries. During this webinar you will discover 3 simple ways to relax when you need it.

This workshop also includes a 20 minutes deep relaxation exercise.

Gratitude is my attitude Webinar

It has been proven by sciontists that being grateful increases significantly your level of happiness.

Learn more about gratitude and how to be happier.

Focus is my attitude – Time Management webinar

Time is our most precious resource and not many of us are really great in managing it.

This online workshop will give you access to one of the easiest tools to manage time better: learning where your focus is gives you power.

Dealing with stress Webinar

Stress creates bad relations, bad lifestyle and even health problems. Ignoring stress when it is present is not the best strategy. Dealing with it it is. It requires a lot of work and commitment, but once you started setting the basis to prevent and reduce it, you will see the results.

Join us to discover what are the “stressors” that kill you slowly and how to deal with them immediately.

Energy is my attitude Webinar

How do you get more energy for all your objectives and the activities that you have during the day?

Some say that it all depends on a good night sleep. Others say that it’s all connected to the physical exercise and going to the gym. And others talk about giving the right nutrients to your body: eating right. Join us to find out what is the best combination to get more energy and feel alive.

*This webinar does not contain medical advise but guidelines for a healthy life style delivered by a trained coach that had results on herself and with her clients.

Energy is my attitude part 2

If in the first part of this workshop we focused on Breathing, Alkalinity and Walking as ways to get more energy, in this second part we will talk about:

  • the food pyramid – we will continue our discussion regarding the food that give us energy
  • the poisons to eliminate in order to get more energy
  • the lymphatic system and how to use it in our advantage.

*This webinar does not contain medical advise but guidelines for a healthy life style delivered by a trained coach that had results on herself and with her clients.

Love is an attitude Webinar

Learn why love is an attitude, the 5 languages of love and small tips to love your partner even more.

If you are single, then learn how to prepare for a relationship.

Career Orientation Webinar for students and not only

Learn more about yourself and what interest, skills, competences and values you have in order to chose the right career for you.