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Iulia success storyJust a while ago we finished a coaching program with one of our clients from Milan. As always, at the end of the program, we asked for feedback to see where the coachee was at the beginning of the program and how far he/she got when the program finished.

Iulia came to us because she felt a bit lost, wanted to find  balance and start thinking about herself and her body. During the coaching program she learned how many resources she actually had; she is now more self-aware and she had amazing results on emotional and physical level.

Check Iulia’s answers below:


1. Iulia, tell us what you learned during the coaching program.

a) What knowledge did you get?

I could never imagine how useful could be a coaching program. The word itself was new to me, as I only knew what a psychologist’s approach would be. It was something totally new and unexpected, and of course valuable. I learned that there is no difference between what I live and what I imagine (this was like “what?!”).

b) What tools did you learn to use?

I learned how to use Time Line Therapy process, which was very helpful at the time and still is, even if I confess that I don’t use it as much often as I should because it is much easier to do with someone that tells you what to do instead of doing it by myself. At least for me it works like this.

c) What skills did you develop?

I am able now to see situations in a clearer way, more objective I guess. I know that having goals it’s very important to get where I want. Using “I” when speaking is now a must. Ah, and perfection is a non standard, that’s why this word document is not “justified”. 😉

d) What did you discover about yourself?

I discovered that I had much more resources than I imagined. I learned I could change if only I was committed to my goals and that results depended only on myself and no one else. I am able now to take responsibility for my actions and stop blaming others/life for my failures.


2. What were your objectives and how much did you achieve?

When I started the coaching sessions I did not have a clear idea about what I wanted to get from them. I knew I wanted to change my life and the goals came along the way. At the end on 2013 I had 4 major goals: by the end of 2014 I would have lost 5 kg, done an important donation, meditated in a Buddhist monastery and started to put away some money.

Well .. I had lost almost 15 kg by the end of March 2014, adopted a child by the end of December 2013. Some goals are going to change, some are going to be replaced, but I am really happy about my changing prospective about life in general and my capacities in particular.


3. What did you change in your life and in your behavior/attitude?

I guess I completely changed my life and my attitude towards it.

I am a much happier and fulfilled person, I love challenges, finding solutions and enjoying life and it’s obstacles. I lost almost 15kg (for now), I started exercising, using breathing and yoga techniques. I started appreciating more my life, I am happy for no reason (and believe me, this is something new!).

I always try to leave people free to choose, free to express their feelings and thoughts and I understood that I am not responsible for other people’s choices and decisions. Results depend always on me. I pay much more attention to the words I use and how I use them, I like making “quality questions”, they give “quality answers”.

I would say that my motto now is: Live, love and let go, as for “taking the learnings and let go of the past”.

4. What will you do for the future? What are your new objectives?

Well, my new goals are keeping with the things I learned and using them in the future, losing some more weight and living a healthy life. I want to keep walking, doing yoga, dancing, reading helpful books and meeting people that can help me reach my goals and that can learn something from my experience.

I want to enjoy more this journey on Earth!


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