By: Roberta Rossini On: March 26, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Excellence Comments: 0

Change is simply on the agenda of any company (and of any employee, no matter at which level): a new project, a reorganization, a change in the team leadership or a new software being implemented… it’s actually making no difference. Each day we are confronted with change. I guess...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: February 23, 2015 In: Challenge, feedback Comments: 2

Dear Readers/Followers/Friends, Today I want to try something different. I was thinking about the subjects to write about. I have some ideas, but I would really want to know what YOU want to read about. I am interested in getting to know you and your expectations about the subjects...

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By: Simon Finlayson On: February 04, 2015 In: Challenge, Coaching, happiness, Jobs, Life, Motivation Comments: 0

  WHY? So you want a new job, or to change something in your life. When you talk about it with other people you just say exactly that; “I want a new job…” Somehow it just seems out of reach, intangible and you just can’t seem to find a...

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By: Iuliana Marchitan On: January 27, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Creativity, Emotions, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Love Comments: 1

  I am writing this article as a response to a challenge I received last year from Alina regarding parenting. I guess it all started when we were talking about our jobs, then kinds, then our ways in coping with various challenges which occur during this work, family, your...

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By: Paddy Honan On: December 12, 2014 In: Challenge, Learning, Life Comments: 0

This is Uptitude. A place of happiness and positivity. An oasis of joy in a challenging world. So you would be forgiven for thinking that adding the theme of Santa Claus to it would only further elevate the mood. While it may well do, I have a few thoughts...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: November 23, 2014 In: Challenge, Life Comments: 4

Ok, I finally decided to do this! After seeing several times all the people in a train wagon with their  phones, checking out the latest news available, I decided I had to cut off   all this “media/social/gossip” stuff. I realized that I used to spend time concentrating on things...

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By: Stefania Rosca On: November 19, 2014 In: Challenge, Learning, Life, Love Comments: 3

At least once a month, I take a 3 hours long train ride to spend time with my family. It’s my escape from the hectic capital of Romania. I’d go to my grandparents’ house and we’d just hang out, talking about different things.  My grandparents are the sweetest ever. The...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: October 28, 2014 In: Challenge, Change, Emotions, Life Comments: 1

Because of the job of my husband, my family moved around quite a bit. Normally every 3 to 4 years. About a year ago time came to move from sunny Rome, Italy to green The Hague, The Netherlands. As that was not a new destination for us, at the...

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By: Stefania Rosca On: August 07, 2014 In: Challenge, Life Comments: 4

Nowadays social networks actually prevent people from being social and networking It was a few weeks ago that I took a family trip in the Netherlands and Belgium. My mother is very passionate about traveling and seeing as much as possible. For this trip she chose many cities and...

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By: Martine Alonso Marquis On: August 02, 2014 In: Challenge, Learning Comments: 0

In my last post we discussed how reading and writing are highly intuitive and creative activities, and why they are essential skills for us in the modern world. How has your reading been going on? Did you enjoy this new activity? Did you encounter any challenges? For me, the biggest...

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