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“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we’d all had jobs that gave us no headaches?”, a friend of mine asked me this, as I was sharing some of my work related challenges. Most of us would hurry up to say yes,  as I was tempted too do as well… But, something inside me said: think about it, do you really think that is the definition of the dream job, something that would give you no headaches, no challenges?


Let’s take a look back to our childhood, when we had no job to worry about, no grown-up concerns. As little babies we always want to learn new things. We start from holding something in our hands, turning over, chewing, eating by ourselves, walking etc. From the day we come on earth, we are motivated by progress, by achievements, because progress equals happiness. I guess we can all remember one time when we couldn’t wait to show to our parents the new drawing we made, the new dance move we learned, or to talk about the last book we read.  And it wasn’t easy, none of them were easy, but we had no reference for failure, we wouldn’t give up until we made it happen. If you think about it, of who we are, and who we became is a result of all our little and big achievements, all the challenges we overcame.

And now, let’s go back to adulthood … yes, it’s true, we may have more challenges than we had when we were kids, more challenges than we ever imagined we could have… but our patterns stay the same. With every little battle we win, we become wiser, smarter, stronger and ready to take on new horizons.

If you used to love your job, and now you don’t even find the motivation to get up in the morning and go to work, ask yourself what has changed?

When did the appetite for new challenges and new achievements started to fade?

Sometimes I look for explanations around me, I hope that I can put the blame on someone else, and then feel better about myself… which, proves not to apply, most of the time.

A lot of times I am able to identify the pattern that makes me feel that any challenge I have, gets worse every day… and that is: from the very first moment, I make it bigger in my head. If I would just take a small step today, another one tomorrow, and work on finding solutions I will probably realize it was a piece of cake. But, as all people, I like some things more than I like others. Therefore, when It’s not my favorite thing to do, I make it bigger than it is, and it takes me more time to get started.. And it gets even bigger in my head, the more I post delay it. Have you been there? Yeah, terrible place, which I don’t recommend. Thankfully the way out is accessible to all of us 🙂 stop avoiding it as soon as you realize the pattern, eat the elephant and get it done. Oh, and of course, the promise I made to myself, is to stay away from this pattern, and is the piece of advice I have for you as well.  So, tell me, what’s your future ex-challenge? 🙂

To leave you in a thinking mood, but also a cheerful one, I’d like to invite you to watch a short stand-up comedy on job vs careers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnlNUZqFzgY

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