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roadWe speak of challenges, but actually it is a very strong form of motivation, being able to put your thoughts into words, on a website opened to the world. It takes courage, it takes power and maybe a little dose of insanity to be able to do it, but when you have such great people by your side…it is a little less difficult.

The new theme is EVOLUTION and, personally,  I have been struggling a bit with this subject because I find myself in a period of my life when everything is changing, starting with me. I was speaking about the NOW, I was speaking about what or who we essentially are, and I find that these are the elements that build on top of each other that actually make us who we are.

I think of myself as a fighter, I take myself up when I am down reminding myself all the past experiences, good and bad, and yet, I, NOW, find myself in a position where I have to acknowledge that I changed, I adapted, I understood, I experienced and I have become what I am NOW. I am in a place where I have to understand that I evolved, that I changed and that tomorrow is only a choice to be stuck in the past, with the past me and my past experiences or to accept the evolution and change and growth…of me.

It is very difficult to accept and adapt and reconfigure yourself, your beliefs, your knowledge, everything that you know, that you experienced, what you essentially are, but most of the times there is no other choice. as my dad said it, there is no black and white, only shades of grey…and believe it or not, not only 50 :). The sooner we understand that, the easier and faster we find our way to EVOLUTION.

The blacks and whites are our beliefs and experiences, our essence, whereas the grey is everything around us and our responses to it and the way we let them affect us, what they do to our personality, our future essential selves. It is an amazing process and a fierce struggle and each of us has a specific response and outcome, but in the end…it all comes down to one thing only: evolution, which is actually change and history and books and philosophers and novelists and movies and technology and religion and social media have all acknowledged it: humankind is very resilient and resistant to change.

But…we actually have no other choice…and this is what I am understanding now, after starting a new episode in my life…which I think will turn into a series :)…if I am smart enough to EVOLVE…



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