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Coaching program

As I am offering a coaching program to the winner of the Small Moments of Happiness Challenge, I think I should also tell you more of what the prize is about.

I got the chance to work with my own coach and I must tell you that I felt a big difference than working on my own! And I got results, that is the most important thing!

What did I get from the coaching sessions?

  • more energy, focus and motivation to get things done
  • clarity on my goals, it was a complete mess in my mind and in my schedule
  • calm and certainty that I can make it
  • I improved my time management and communication skills
  • I became accountable for my own actions
  • I realized that being a victim will not take me anywhere
  • I got to know myself more and I started slowly to become aware of my strengths and weaknesses (you have no idea how important was this for me)
  • I got the chance to see my problems differently, from another perspective with the help of the objective questions of my coach
  • she challenged me as she saw in me the potential that I did not see…and today I realize how useful that was
  • I reached 2 of my biggest objectives in that period in only 3 months

Now I feel totally grateful for me deciding to get coaching in one of those periods in my life when I felt totally lost and when I felt that I was not giving enough of myself. And that was my 3 months coaching program. Yours might have even more results!

I know a coaching program is an investment and it’s not cheap as you get a lot of results from it and that’s why I am offering this program to the person that wins the Small Moments of Happiness Challenge. If you know that you need it, why not get it now through this competition?

Looking forward to see your #smallmomentofhappiness in the competition entries and share it with friends to gather like this as many Likes as possible and win the Coaching Program.

The Coaching Program includes:

  • initial session to establish the problems/objectives
  • 4 months coaching: 8 virtual coaching sessions of 60 minutes each
  • total support from your coach via email or phone
  • constant feedback for results
  • coaching report at the end of every coaching session and at the end of the program
  • encouragement, challenges to reach your objectives
  • material or articles that you might need in order to reach your objectives
  • short follow-up session 3 months after the coaching program finishes
  • celebrating!

So, enroll now in the #smallmomentofhappines challenge!

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