By: Simon Finlayson On: October 02, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Emotions, happiness, Learning, Life, Love, metaphors Comments: 0

Down in the Dumps? Feel like everyday is a battle? I feel you. This is not about being Depressed or Sad, it is that feeling of Life being a wall that surrounds you, demanding that you constantly have to climb over it to participate in your own well being....

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: November 23, 2014 In: Challenge, Life Comments: 4

Ok, I finally decided to do this! After seeing several times all the people in a train wagon with their  phones, checking out the latest news available, I decided I had to cut off   all this “media/social/gossip” stuff. I realized that I used to spend time concentrating on things...

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