By: Anamaria Fuiorea On: July 20, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Learning Comments: 0

We speak of challenges, but actually it is a very strong form of motivation, being able to put your thoughts into words, on a website opened to the world. It takes courage, it takes power and maybe a little dose of insanity to be able to do it, but...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: July 10, 2015 In: Challenge, Emotions Comments: 0

   Bagno Vignoni. A bottle of wine. Talks. ***  I have experienced something new this weekend, on          the eve of my birthday.  The emotion of someone who really listens and it is interested in what I had to say. The emotion of just speaking what I...

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By: Anamaria Fuiorea On: June 24, 2015 In: Emotions, Learning, Life Comments: 2

Following the challenge my friends and colleagues came up with I am trying to articulate the now in my life, which feels like a never-ending soap opera…it sounds funny, but trust me it has so much drama that my liver is now in intensive therapy. The now: I have...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: November 03, 2014 In: Change, Learning Comments: 0

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” John Milton This subject came into my mind while listening to some people talking about their problems. And I started to question myself “How come they don’t see it?”. It...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: October 26, 2014 In: Learning, Life, Love Comments: 0

Apologizing is something I never thought about, as for me is quite natural (sometimes even without meaning it for real). Yes, I admit it! As a person with a very strong self-esteem, I have this problem, especially when I am not convinced that I did something wrong (for my...

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By: Simon Finlayson On: July 21, 2014 In: Challenge, Change, Motivation Comments: 1

A Fear to Face? A force that can destroy everything you know and love? Or…A breath of fresh air? A portal to new opportunities? A gift to yourself and those around you? A beginning?   Often we become comfortable with our lives, a balance is achieved where we are well…...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: October 01, 2013 In: Events, Uptitude Comments: 0

Dear Uptituders Tomorrow at 3 PM CET a challenge will start on our Facebook page where you have the possibility to win prizes worth 1000 EUR. Stay tuned and be ready to contribute! See you tomorrow! Roxana & Lidia

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