By: Lidia Dogaru On: May 07, 2012 In: Life, Motivation Comments: 7

Two years ago I bought a book while I was in Australia. Yesterday I found it in a box. It’s called “It’s never too late” and I want to share some words from it. From the book “It’s never too late…” Patrick Lindsay    

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: March 19, 2012 In: Life, Motivation Comments: 0

Just a while ago I lost my motivation. Things were not so good with work, I was expecting different results even if I was doing the same thing all over again. I was not moving forward and my focus was only on the fact that I did not get...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: February 24, 2012 In: Life Comments: 1

It’s interesting how you find exactly what you need and search for. I was browsing the internet the other day with no motivation to continue my work. And I found a web talk on TED.com that amazed me, that made me stay for a full hour in front of...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: February 06, 2012 In: Life Comments: 1

We are all in search for happiness. We live to be happy and make others happy. But how do we create happiness in our lives? Are we waiting to be happy? Or we are enjoying every moment we have?

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: February 02, 2012 In: Life Comments: 0

I read a very interesting article received from a friend of mine about the things people regret. A nurse that cured patients on their death bed, asked them about the regrets they had about their lives or the things they would do differently. Here are the top five regrets of...

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