What is happening in your life right now? This was the question we asked ourselves last week. Why? Here at Uptitude we talk to each other a lot. Only, recently we had noticed we were sharing lots of things about our lives internally, but not translating this into a...

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By: Anamaria Fuiorea On: June 24, 2015 In: Emotions, Learning, Life Comments: 2

Following the challenge my friends and colleagues came up with I am trying to articulate the now in my life, which feels like a never-ending soap opera…it sounds funny, but trust me it has so much drama that my liver is now in intensive therapy. The now: I have...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: March 03, 2015 In: Emotions, Life Comments: 0

Today I got an email from a person that I don’t know personally (even if I’d love to!), but with whom I am in contact. And at the end of her email, she asked: “How are you? (…) and What are your dreams?” Now this is the kind of...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: February 18, 2015 In: Change, Coaching, Emotions, Events, Life, Uptitude Comments: 0

We live the life that our thoughts create for us: a specific event becomes “stressful” in relation to the subjective meaning we give to it. Now, let’s be honest: perfection does not exist, and still often the pressure we perceive is coming from ourselves and our thoughts. Working on...

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By: Irina Marchitan On: February 08, 2015 In: Emotions, happiness, Hobby, Life Comments: 0

One of the main steps in personal development is creating relationships with the others around you. What do you know about friendship? How do you make a friend that will last for the whole life? You feel alone surrounded by people that you know nothing about? It is a hard...

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By: Simon Finlayson On: February 04, 2015 In: Challenge, Coaching, happiness, Jobs, Life, Motivation Comments: 0

  WHY? So you want a new job, or to change something in your life. When you talk about it with other people you just say exactly that; “I want a new job…” Somehow it just seems out of reach, intangible and you just can’t seem to find a...

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By: Paddy Honan On: February 03, 2015 In: Emotions, happiness, Life Comments: 3

Let it go! We all have heard Disney’s ‘Frozen’ song at this stage, I guess and have managed to gather up some baggage going through life, such that we can empathise with the character’s challenge. It is the nature of life that we will suffer to some degree. Whether it...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: January 28, 2015 In: Excellence, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Success story Comments: 0

In the last two articles, we learned together how to recognize stress and we realized we can get in control when in a stressful situation by deciding how to react. Prolonged stress –  like a fast pace life – can drain the energy in our body and mind making...

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By: Iuliana Marchitan On: January 27, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Creativity, Emotions, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Love Comments: 1

  I am writing this article as a response to a challenge I received last year from Alina regarding parenting. I guess it all started when we were talking about our jobs, then kinds, then our ways in coping with various challenges which occur during this work, family, your...

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By: Yayi On: January 23, 2015 In: Learning, Life, Love Comments: 0

New Year is the occasion to review what happened during the previous one and plan the coming one. Before being judgmental on what we did and what we did not, I would like to share with you this beautiful talk from Brené Brown on worthiness, vulnerability and courage. I...

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