(Please have in mind that the information in this blog is based on personal experience, and I am neither a doctor, nor a certified nutritionist. I just have a high personal interest in nutrition and its impact on our health. ) Recently, an extraordinary men, Andrei Rosu, became the first...

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By: Roxana Stefanescu On: July 07, 2015 In: Coaching, Emotions, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Love, Uptitude Comments: 1

I recently turned 28 and questions about where I am, what have I achieved so far, what comes next, pop up more and more in my head every single day. For me, as for many other people, accepting and loving myself proves to be a long journey. Thankfully I...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: January 28, 2015 In: Excellence, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Success story Comments: 0

In the last two articles, we learned together how to recognize stress and we realized we can get in control when in a stressful situation by deciding how to react. Prolonged stress –  like a fast pace life – can drain the energy in our body and mind making...

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By: Iuliana Marchitan On: January 27, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Creativity, Emotions, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Love Comments: 1

  I am writing this article as a response to a challenge I received last year from Alina regarding parenting. I guess it all started when we were talking about our jobs, then kinds, then our ways in coping with various challenges which occur during this work, family, your...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: December 10, 2014 In: Emotions, Events, happiness, health, Life Comments: 0

What is stress? Although it seems a simple questions, the answer is not so straight forward. In general the meaning of “stress” is associated with the feeling that what we are asked to do, manage or cope with something that goes above what we can actually take. Stress comes...

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By: Roxana Stefanescu On: August 25, 2014 In: health Comments: 1

Juicing vegetables and fruits has become quite well known around us nowadays. People go for it for different reasons, such as: getting additional essential nutrients from food, weight control and weight loss, having more energy, detox and cleanse, etc. Below you can read more about my reasons and what...

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By: Roxana Stefanescu On: January 26, 2014 In: Change, Emotions, happiness, health, Life, Motivation, Uncategorized Comments: 0

Don’t expect to be reading the blog of a very experienced runner, who does hundreds of kilometres monthly, although I would love to be one in the near future. And, before you tell me:  I would have to wake up too early, it’s so cold outside, it’s dark, I will get a cold, I will be tired...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: April 05, 2013 In: health, Life, Motivation Comments: 0

Have you ever felt that life gets better when you listen to a certain song that puts you in a good mood? Music changes your state and sets you for the mood you want: meditative, relaxing, workout, sad, romantic, motivational etc. Why not use it to get more energy?...

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: March 11, 2013 In: health, Life Comments: 0

Having a lot of energy depends a lot of your sleeping routine. So, part of the challenge I will share with you the Golden Rules for a good sleep. * Very important notice: these tips do not work if you only reflect on them. You need to take action!

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By: Lidia Dogaru On: March 08, 2013 In: health, Life Comments: 0

I wish you a great International Women’s day! Love you all, my dear female friends and I hope you will get lots of energy with every flower received live or virtually. That flowers give you energy it’s true because they help you create a beautiful feeling inside of you...

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