By: Iulia Saplacan On: June 30, 2015 In: Change, Life Comments: 0

  “The most important thing I discovered a few days after turning 65 is that I can’t waste any more time doing things I don’t want to do.” (Jep Gambardella, The Great Beauty) At the dawn of my 32 years and continuing with the challenge we started last week,...

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What is happening in your life right now? This was the question we asked ourselves last week. Why? Here at Uptitude we talk to each other a lot. Only, recently we had noticed we were sharing lots of things about our lives internally, but not translating this into a...

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By: Simon Finlayson On: June 22, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Emotions, Learning Comments: 1

What is going on? Yes, just that. Some of us in the Uptitude team have been rather silent of late, so we asked each other, ‘what is going on?” A challenge if you will, write an article about the things that we are experiencing right now in and around...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: March 26, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Excellence Comments: 0

Change is simply on the agenda of any company (and of any employee, no matter at which level): a new project, a reorganization, a change in the team leadership or a new software being implemented… it’s actually making no difference. Each day we are confronted with change. I guess...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: February 18, 2015 In: Change, Coaching, Emotions, Events, Life, Uptitude Comments: 0

We live the life that our thoughts create for us: a specific event becomes “stressful” in relation to the subjective meaning we give to it. Now, let’s be honest: perfection does not exist, and still often the pressure we perceive is coming from ourselves and our thoughts. Working on...

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By: Iulia Saplacan On: February 02, 2015 In: Change, Learning Comments: 0

“Mediocrity scares me. It’s the fear of not being as good as you want to be. If you give over to that fear, it will sabotage you. As much as I can, I try to use that fear to guide me.” (Italian version below – Versione italiana sotto) During...

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By: Iuliana Marchitan On: January 27, 2015 In: Challenge, Change, Creativity, Emotions, happiness, health, Learning, Life, Love Comments: 1

  I am writing this article as a response to a challenge I received last year from Alina regarding parenting. I guess it all started when we were talking about our jobs, then kinds, then our ways in coping with various challenges which occur during this work, family, your...

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By: Roberta Rossini On: January 07, 2015 In: Change, Events, Excellence, happiness, Learning Comments: 0

When I was about 17 I had an alarm clock in a shape of rooster which was supposed to sound like one too. Unfortunately it made wake up in the morning with palpitations. Not the ideal way to get going in the morning (especially if you are 17), believe...

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By: Iuliana Marchitan On: December 24, 2014 In: Change, Creativity, Emotions, Learning Comments: 0

  “Dear Santa, This New Year I ask for your support in receiving three simple things: Appreciation Wholeness Perfect Timing Thank You!”         Appreciation for myself This Year the preparation for defining my 2015 goal list has began in July and has taken many different forms....

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By: Yayi On: December 09, 2014 In: Change, Excellence, Learning Comments: 1

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task” _ William James We covered in a previous article some patterns and behaviours that lead to procrastination. We can change them, especially if they can support us in achieving our goals. People who consistently achieve their...

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