Stefi - Uptitude MCC team

My name is Stefania and I am part of the Uptitude MCC team (Motivation Content Creators).

25 year old Romanian business graduate currently working in the corporate world. I am passionate about traveling and I dream about seeing the whole world one day. I lived in Germany, USA and Romania and consider myself a multicultural person. I love sports and in my free time I trie to entertain others via my blog. An enthusiastic, sometimes funny, way too naive and a coffee lover. Writing with Uptitude because sharing is caring: I am only one person but I know that I can make a difference.

This is my posts!


A word, I use often now, when talking to myself

I’m not sure how many of you do this but something tells me it’s quite common. Whenever I talk to ...
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Kindness – my grandparents best quality, unfortunately, is not that frequent nowadays.

At least once a month, I take a 3 hours long train ride to spend time with my family. It’s ...
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Cigarette Smoking

Why I never quit smoking and probably will never quit?

We all know smoking is bad for our health. It is written on every package and every doctor will tell ...
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Andreea Gruioniu Trust

Let’s grow trust! Why starting a relationship with the unknown could be great?

Trust is a BIG word. It is something we wish we could do but at the same time we are ...
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online world

Tricky social media world

Nowadays social networks actually prevent people from being social and networking It was a few weeks ago that I took ...
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Creativity and vulnerability

Looking for the best way to describe what vulnerability is to me I stumbled across a quote by Ashton Kutcher ...
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