Simon - Uptitude MCC team

My name is Simon and I am part of the Uptitude MCC team (Motivation Content Creators).

A travelling Englishman, living in the Netherlands and working throughout Europe. I enjoy being outside in Nature and taking on interesting and challenging projects, especially building things myself! Having spent 12 years sailing the seven seas, I recently realised that I could take ownership of my time and use it to fulfil my dreams, so I left my job, moved house to the middle of the woods and set about creating awesomeness! As part of the Uptitude family, I share and celebrate as we learn through exciting failures and magnificent successes!

This is all of my posts!


Stuck in a hole or standing on your mountain?

Down in the Dumps? Feel like everyday is a battle? I feel you. This is not about being Depressed or ...
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Evolving through Change

Are you evolving? All this work, so much effort we put into developing ourselves. Is it actually making a difference? ...
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Emotion in Rites of passage

Emotion. Butterflies in your stomach from your first Crush on someone? Floating and skipping through your day on a wave ...
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Uptitude Team Challenge , our lives right now

What is happening in your life right now? This was the question we asked ourselves last week. Why? Here at ...
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What's going on? Right now?

What is going on? Yes, just that. Some of us in the Uptitude team have been rather silent of late, ...
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WHY? Add vital energy to your desires…

WHY? So you want a new job, or to change something in your life. When you talk about it with ...
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Silence is Golden. Or is it a trap for our hearts?

"Why won't you talk? "I just want to know how you feel but you just sit there, staring at me ...
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Fight, Run or Dance? Verbal Aikido for dealing with conflict.

You are at work, or in your personal life, someone approaches you who is clearly upset. "Why did you leave ...
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climbing mountain

Prepare for Battle! Facing adversity with confidence

Do you sometimes feel as if you are just sinking or drowning under a never-ending wave of problems? How do ...
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Change – a mountain to climb

A Fear to Face? A force that can destroy everything you know and love? Or…A breath of fresh air? A ...
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