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I am Roxana and I am a citizen of the world. I have been always interested in personal development, emotional intelligence and how one cam become a better self. I grew up in a small city of Romania, and moved to Bucharest for my bachelor studies. After 3 great years in the capital of Romania, when I was involved in different student organisation and participated to several personal development activities, I continued my journey in Thessaloniki, a magic city in the north of Greece. My master followed the same topic as my bachelor, Management, with my main interest being international management.
I love the diversity and the beauty of the human kind, I love helping people

This is all of my posts!


There is no perfect relationship

Depending on where you find yourself right now, in which phase of your emotional journey, you will either feel relieved, ...
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The Dream Job

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we'd all had jobs that gave us no headaches?", a friend of mine asked me ...
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To be, or not to be a vegetarian?

(Please have in mind that the information in this blog is based on personal experience, and I am neither a ...
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The long journey of accepting and loving yourself

I recently turned 28 and questions about where I am, what have I achieved so far, what comes next, pop ...
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veggies for juice

What did I learn from juicing vegetables?

Juicing vegetables and fruits has become quite well known around us nowadays. People go for it for different reasons, such ...
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me running (1 of 1)

Why do I love running in the morning?

Don’t expect to be reading the blog of a very experienced runner, who does hundreds of kilometres monthly, although I ...
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Uptitude – a lifestyle for 2014

As I was reading “The world in 2014” issue of the Wired magazine, I have noticed that in terms of ...
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