Paddy - Uptitude MCC team

My name is Paddy and I am part of the Uptitude MCC team (Motivation Content Creators).

Certified Life and Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and Seminar Leader from Ireland. Drawing on my vast personal life experience, I am currently writing my book ‘The Art of Selfless Esteem’, which will empower readers to make their difference in the world and find fulfilment in life. As a Social Entrepreneur, helping to bring about a fairer and happier world is my greatest passion. You can get my free eBook ‘The Purpose of Happiness’ on my website.

This is all of my posts!

Townshend Assembly

Transformation in Townshend

Teenage years... What is it about the teenage years? There is something special if not critical in this period of ...
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Let it go

Letting go and finding balance

Let it go! We all have heard Disney's 'Frozen' song at this stage, I guess and have managed to gather ...
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Is Santa naughty or nice?

This is Uptitude. A place of happiness and positivity. An oasis of joy in a challenging world. So you would ...
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Any final thoughts

Any final thoughts?

There we were in the plane, which was shaking violently in what should have been a standard landing. The turbulence ...
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THE OTHER SELF – How to treat yourself and others with equal respect

We are told from a young age not to be selfish, but can you be too selfless? How can we ...
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Tune in radio

The mastery of meaning – your key to happiness in difficult times

Let me ask you a question: Would you like to learn how to make difficult situations into opportunities and to ...
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