Iulia - Uptitude MCC team

My name is Iulia and I am part of the Uptitude MCC team (Motivation Content Creators).

Passionate about life, travelling, photography and personal growth. Moved to Italy in search of a new idea. Not rich but full of things to share, I love having a good laugh, especially at myself :). I like to see what challenges life puts on our way, so join in with me! With Uptitude I will help in giving you a different perspective on things.

This is all of my posts!

2015-07-15 11.59.01

Dreams. Evolution. Satisfaction.

The title says it. The subject will be dreams and evolution, evolution in dreams. The subject will be satisfaction. *** ...
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"Why not?" – The power of speaking out loud

Bagno Vignoni. A bottle of wine. Talks. *** I have experienced something new this weekend, on the eve of my ...
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Things I should let go before turning 32

“The most important thing I discovered a few days after turning 65 is that I can't waste any more time ...
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How do I feel? Right now?

The idea for this article came after a chat with Simon and other MCC members, while realizing that we have ...
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Intimacy – the way to the "real feel"

Quote in the photo: "I will always be committed to make of this this small house your cuddle at the ...
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"What are your dreams?"

Today I got an email from a person that I don't know personally (even if I’d love to!), but with ...
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3d white people lying on a question mark

What would you like to read about?

Dear Readers/Followers/Friends, Today I want to try something different. I was thinking about the subjects to write about. I have ...
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Valentine’s Day – A guide for single people

(Italian version below. Versione italiana sotto.) This is new for me. Actually it’s old as a thought, but new as ...
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Self-sabotage – How to overcome it

“Mediocrity scares me. It's the fear of not being as good as you want to be. If you give over ...
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Harsh times? – Remember some of these things

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself (...). November (or this whole year) is quite a harsh ...
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My "No Facebook" challenge

Ok, I finally decided to do this! After seeing several times all the people in a train wagon with their ...
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What do you believe in?

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” John ...
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Why should you say “I'm sorry”?

Apologizing is something I never thought about, as for me is quite natural (sometimes even without meaning it for real) ...
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Tango Zabara.org

It takes two to tango – Do you know why?

We were told during our whole life (or at least I was) that “when the right one will arrive, you’ll ...
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What does respect have to do with it?

“They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.” Mahatma Gandhi I was thinking about ...
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Just be yourself

All of us, as some point of our lives had trouble in finding “our way”. So we had an early/middle/late ...
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