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I am a trainer and a coach with international experience and a lot of passion for personal development. My life purpose is to grow and help others grow, discover their potential and lead a more satisfying life.

I am a Romanian that lives in Perugia (Italy), an old Etruscan city that I like a lot as life is calm, it’s always sunny, green and beautiful. I love traveling and I got the chance to see a piece of almost every continent. But the Earth is big and I still have a lot of places to visit, so every year I plan a big trip to experience a new place, get to know new people, eat new types of food, understand new cultures and enrich my knowledge.

I finished my Management Studies in Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania (Romania) and, after 4 years of Trainer experience in Hewlett Packard, I decided to pursue my career as a coach and a trainer in Italy. I work with people from all over the world, face to face or via Skype or phone, in EnglishItalian and Romanian. And I must say I love the interculturality, the chance to understand people from other cultures and help them understand themselves and reach their objectives.

As a coach, I feel a bit like a co-pilot. I am next to my clients in the car when the journey starts. We establish the point of departure the destination. I hold the map that the clients draw and I ask if they are ready. When ready, we start!

I am next to my clients when they don’t not know where to go next, when they can’t see the road because of too many obstacles. I show them the map and ask which is the best alternative. I motivate them to continue in case they feel unmotivated. I encourage them when the road is bumpy and I plan with them when the road is good.

I am next to my clients when the journey finishes. After we finish, the clients are happy and satisfied in achieving their goal and I am there to applause and cheer for the great work they did!

My Certifications

  • Master Practitioner in Life & Business Coaching
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linquistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy
  • Trainer and Train the Trainers
  • Meta-Healing Practitioner
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