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evolutionAre you evolving?

All this work, so much effort we put into developing ourselves. Is it actually making a difference?

Many of us, you included if you are reading this, are CONSTANTLY doing everything we can to make improvements and changes in our lives. Every day we tell ourselves, ‘today will be different. Today I will make a breakthrough and the sun will pop out from behind the clouds that shadow my dismal existence…’

A little dramatic, I know, but I am sure it is familiar.

How long has this been going on?




Yet still we plough on, looking for a sign that we have found the right tool or pattern that will signal the beginning of everlasting happiness.

We expect that the change we seek wil be instantaneous, like a light turning on, giving us immediate freedom from our imagined troubles. After all why should we wait when we can make massive change FAST to give us RESULTS right now?

Then we start to see that it doesn’t work, old habits creep back in and we start to feel dismayed at our lack of PROGRESS; dropping slowly back into our old mindset of being a ‘victim’ of our own misfortune.

Well, you may hear more than one Coach say that people can only succeed through Failure. Not once, but continuously. In fact, the more failures the better as they shape and sharpen the tools of your success.

How about taking a look at where you were when you began this tortuous battle for self improvement, and where you are now. Can you really say that you have not changed?

You have EVOLVED.

Amoebas, Dinosaurs and Chimps evolved into the inhabitants of our planet over millions of years. We, in our considerably shorter time frame, evolve from tiny babies into accomplished adults who can look back at a life full of colourful stories and incredible experiences.

Everyday that we spend succeeding, failing, lying on the beach, sleeping or even doing nothing, is part of our evolution.

You may have learnt to RECOGNISE the negative patterns that run through your behaviour even if you still use them. Maybe you can keep your head clear at work when tempers run hot with your colleagues. After so many arguments you and your partner can now sit together in the same room  instead of one of you walking away!

This is evolution.

Slowly but surely you ARE changing. Every single thought, deed and encounter changes you at a cellular level and moves you forward through your life as a subtly different person.

Making changes is like flipping a coin – we know the action we take but we have absolutely no way of predicting the outcome.
EVOLUTION, however, is inevitable.

CHOOSE to think about what steps, changes and decisions you will make and you will be giving yourself a helping hand in your own evolution. Jump right in and enjoy it, know that whatever you do it will be the only and most enjoyable experience you could imagine!

Are YOU ready to EVOLVE?


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