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TarzanI always wonder who I am and what made me who and what I am today.

There is a saying in my country that tends to generalize a bit behaviour and judges parents and family more than it judges the misbehaved, naughty, cheeky…you. It says that the reason why you are not compliant with the ‘proper’, ‘socially accepted’ behaviour is because you lack the ‘7 years education‘ you should have received at home before being enrolled in school.

Is that really a factor that is defining me?!

Having proper …education?!

We go on through life thinking we have so many things going on for us…but, actually, the thing that we have is the way we were brought up. We think of ourselves as people but the only thing that we can be is a human going through an experience. We are the sum of our experiences and the result of the things that have happened to us. The things we do are a result of the way we were brought up, like we were talking about earlier, or the result of what we actually are?!

We can never know who we are because we just react…to things, to situations, to people…

We want to say or to believe that we react to reality, but the only thing that we do is react to what we have faced before…we react to previous experiences and to previous events.

And we try to give a chance to the new or the unknown, but reality never lets us…one way or another it just gives into… previous experiences… which are not the best practice or the best experience to come across with. But we still try and we still give it a chance as if it would do any good or as if it would make any difference.

I can’t remember who said it, but this is very true ‘we are the sum of our mistakes‘, but not in a bad way. Usually, in the best way, the way that it means we learned something and we grew and we evolved and we should know better. Or better yet, how not to do a certain thing or how not to react to a situation. We are the sum of so many factors and we still knock our chests like Tarzan:”I am who I am, nobody can challenge that”. It is not true!

We are a result of the life we lived, the moments we enjoyed, the scars left on our bodies and most of the times in our hearts, the sour taste in our mouths, the dizziness of the adrenaline rushes, the heartbeats of victory and of failure and the list can go on and on.

Are we?! Who? Or what? Or, better yet…why?

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