what-s-going-on-right-nowWhat is happening in your life right now?

This was the question we asked ourselves last week. Why?

Here at Uptitude we talk to each other a lot. Only, recently we had noticed we were sharing lots of things about our lives internally, but not translating this into a dialogue with YOU, our readers. So to reconnect and get closer to the world, we decided to be honest about the things that we were experiencing and feeling in our lives at this time.

Iulia wrote about how she has been through a transition and is now able to celebrate being HERSELF, even hinted at a new LOVE in her life.

Anamaria voiced an AFFIRMATION to herself and those around her, stating how strong she is feeling in the midst of the challenging environment she lives in.

Yayi strongly expressed the frustration that has driven her through a storm to a place where she can stand up and make MASSIVE steps to starting her own business.

I, Simon, wrote about my SMALL MOMENT OF HAPPINESS where I could see just for a moment that our biggest challenges also contain the largest rewards.

As you read through these, seemingly very different stories, you may have seen some common themes. I certainly picked up on one.


From thinking about it, needing it, experiencing it, DOING it and feeling the after effects. Whichever way you look at it, CHANGE is always a challenge.

Last year, when I wrote one of my first articles about CHANGE, I had NO idea where I would be today. Sure, I had goals to work towards and HUGE dreams that drove me; however I could only see the tornado of flux and change around me. How would I ever get out of this and actually see the results?

Last week’s Uptitude Team Challenge was somewhat of a breakthrough for me. By asking myself the simple question – What is going on right now? – I forced myself to stop being thrown around by the tornado and simply see it for what it is. By describing the flow of change to others, through writing the article, I stepped out for a moment.

In this moment I already had all the results that seemed so far away. All of the emotions I hoped that I would feel at the end, they were already there.

When I shared the experience with the rest of the Team, and through the website, I opened a new flow of communication that not only freed me from my narrow vision but also enabled a clearer understanding of the effects the changes are having on those around me.

Talking and sharing, brings understanding and empathy.

What more could you want?

Ask yourself, What is going right now?

You may be surprised at the answers you find.



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