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The idea for this article came after a chat with Simon and other MCC members, while realizing that we have been a bit absent on Uptitude lately. So he proposed a challenge – writing about what we experienced lately.

So here it is.

I am living a “selfish” moment and I want to cherish every single second of my renewed happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a selfish person, it’s just that my last 3 years have been a real nightmare. And no, I am not saying it because I need people to say “Oh poor her!”. No. It’s not that. It was just reality. A suffered reality, made of people who were not clear, made of words who didn’t help anyone, made of silence, disregard and resentment.

But now things are different .. 🙂 .. So I want to share with you this new experience.

I would dare to say that I feel blessed. I feel blessed because I’m finally on the way to stop hating myself and feeling guilty for something that wasn’t in my power to fix or handle. (Yeah well, we all have some controll issues, don’t denny it.)

It is a bless to finally let go, even if I thought that this part was already at a good stage.

It is a bless to meet people who are able to give you kindness effortlessly. It is a bless when you meet someone who smiles at you just for the sake of smiling.

And yes, it is a major bless to find someone who wants to make you happy and appreciates you for who you are.

My guess would be that carrying for someone is just like being an acrobat. It is putting your life in the hands of someone else and trusting that person will always do its best to keep you “safe” (whatever this could mean for everyone of us). And trustly you will do the same.
You both are willing to commit for only one important thing, being happy.

This is my “right now” moment. I’m an acrobat! 🙂


PS: This picture was taken in Mexico, Riviera Maya, while admiring the most impressive woman and acrobat I’ve ever met.  Victoria Boris Battlay (you can follow her on IG @vboris .. you will not regret it!)

Thank you for the wonderful moments your shows made me experience, Vic! You’re a shinning star, my dear!!

Love you. Xoxo


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