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Stress 101

Stress 101

And here you are. You making sure to do some exercise, you even find time to meditate every now and then and – last but not least – you identified a few key situation which are freaking you out and actively decided how to react in advance so that you are in control in those moments. All great.
Then the unexpected happens: you are called by your boss for a meeting with no pre-warning, for example. Your heart starts beating faster, you breathe faster… you are finding yourself in a stress situation: what to do then? Here a short list of suggestions.

  • Believe you can handle it. This is the most important of all suggestions. Stress is not necessarily bad – do not forget that the way our body responds to stress is aiming to make us ready to response to an extraordinary situation. It is not healthy to stay high on stress all the time, however what you think about stress matters, hence do not forget: during stress your body is getting ready to face a challenge, appreciate it and value it. You will make overcome it.
  • Drink a glass of water. Those 2 tricks will help you regain the stillness to need to keep your mind clear and allow you to keep the facts in the right perspective.
  • Listen to music, look to a nice picture, maybe pointing to a nice memory. This is as well a simple way to find stillness during the storm and regain control over the event.
  • Change body posture. What is the body posture of someone who is in control, who feels strong and knows will manage? This person would be sitting or standing up straight, maybe with a smile on the face, the head looking forward, shoulders straight and strong. Fake till you make it.
  • Self-talk. “Only for today I will take the distance and be in control”. Repeat it as a mantra. No need to take a lifelong commitment. It is only for today. “Only for today I will not allow any negative comments or situation to mess up with my positive attitude and my happiness.”
  • Talk to a friend. Verbalizing your concerns to anyone ready to listen, is already alone is just a huge relief. If this person is a good friend who knows you in and out and who is able to help you regain contact with the reality of facts.. then it is a major gift of life!
  • Hug someone 🙂. 30 sec hug oxytocin works on your body protecting it from the negative effect of stress, allowing you heart to quickly recover from negative stress. Be careful whom you decide to hug nonetheless….
  • Get some fresh air. Spend time in nature if possible to cool down.
  • Do not multitask. This would make you less concentrated and you would end up even reducing the clarity of thoughts you need to have when under pressure. Focus on the most important things you have on your to do list and work your way down the list.

Disclaimer: This text is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Pls. consult your general practitioner or health care provider for guidance about a specific or suspected medical condition related to the topic covered.

How to be productive and happier during times of stress

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