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face-it-explore-it-accept-it-reactLast time we were talking about perception and the way we see and interpret things around us, how we react to the environment and people around us as gods…or was it just as merely humans?!

The human mind is a very powerful instrument and is able to make you believe that you are either an immortal god or a small worthless insect, the only difference between the two is that of perception and interpretation or meaning that we choose to give to either an instant, an event, a factor or a motivator. Each of these words have a special meaning, but they all do the same thing…they control the way we see and understand things, events, people and generate our reaction to the world around us.

Fear is part of who we are. Fear is literally embedded in our genetics. Fear is one of the first feelings that we experience, alongside pain and discomfort, which are very well embedded in the physical interaction that we have with the world around us, whereas fear is our own perception of the facts or lack there of the people or surroundings of our comfort zone.

Fear is also a very powerful motivator in generating an action or non-action so to say. And it is very interesting to discover that most of the times we do not actually fear the result of our action, but we actually fear us facing that result. Most of us will not act because they fear they will not get the desired result or because the road will be to hard, but, actually, we fear ourselves and we project that fear to the things and people around us, because we know we cannot control but a small fraction of the environment or of the way people react. And that usually makes us back down, in most cases or re-adapt our strategy towards using an approach that has more variables that can be controlled on very few occasions.

Because, at the end of the day, it`s the same as in the case of the god complex…it`s all about control: knowing every inch, aspect or variable of the environment you live in, knowing the people around you and how they think and how they react in different circumstances..for no other reason than to feel in control of your life and have a surprise less level of comfort, where no factor, human, animal or material, can surprise you. Because fear is a manifestation of the unknown, of the uncontrollable, of everything that you know of yourself not to be, because you have not yet experienced it or you have experienced it and it has brought you discomfort.

That is why fear is literally considered a disease and it is registered as pathological. Because fear is one of the strongest internal motivators.

The good thing is though that it can be cured. If we identify what we fear and we realize why we fear that particular thing and work with it and keep an open mind that powerful fear inside of us can become a powerful incentive for an array of great things: love, a new job, a new life experience, a new friend, anything else new that we give a chance to enter our comfort zone.

Remember that is never actually the spider that you fear, but the fact that the spider can take your life and you still did not do all the things you set yourself out to do.


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