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Last minute offer!

Worried about work-life balance? You have too much stress in your life?

Yes, it’s time to relax! It’s been quite a while since you did not take a little break. So give yourself 2.5 hours and learn how to relax for when you are stressed out and gain some energy for when you feel that your batteries are running low. Join your workshop!

WHAT? Work-Life Balance: Relaxing and Gaining Energy Techniques Workshop

WHY? Because you will reduce stress, relax, feel better and learn great ways to feel better. You will get in 2.5 hours what others get in almost a full 4 months coaching program that is worth more than 1000 EUR.

WHERE? The International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Rue de Pascale 16, Brussels

WHEN? December 4, 2013, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

WHO? You and 19 more participants together with Lidia Dogaru, that will be your trainer and coach during the workshop. She will challenge all of you with interesting exercises that  you will remember for a long time!

HOW? Register by clicking here and make the payment to secure your seat by using Paypal. After the registration and the payment the trainer will contact you to confirm your attendance. Then be punctual and join us at the workshop!

Register here now!

What others said after this workshop?

“Great way of disconnecting from the daily rush and stress!”

“I just loved the relaxing exercise during this seminar and now I am doing every week a small version of this exercise at home.”

“I had no idea that there are so many techniques to deal with stress…”

What will you get for the 70 EUR 30 EUR investment in the workshop?

  • 2.5 hours of total focus on tools and strategies to relax and get more energy
  • 3 tools to use when you need to relax
  • 3 ways to gain more energy
  • 30 minutes of total relaxation exercise with a few combined tools that Lidia uses in her coaching programs
  • a handout with the workshop content in order to have it for further reference
  • tips & tricks that most people learn in a whole 4 months Life Coaching program
  • the total attention of the coach in a beautiful learning environment like the one of ISPD
  • one free 60 minutes Skype coaching session with Lidia to start creating healthy habits for your mind, body and your emotions
  • the possibility to get out of the session totally relaxed, grateful and ready to take action
  • a small surprise.

Register here! Pay here!

We have only 20 seats: first registered, first served! So, if you want to get what it takes to move a step forward towards your objective or getting out of your problem, take action, register and secure now via Paypal your place in the workshop.


Check here what others say about our seminars and workshops and how they felt about working directly with Lidia as a coach.

Participating in Lidia’s seminars and training sessions was my best career move since I started working in the European Parliament two years ago. I had this big personal project pending, which was to finish my PhD. Since working full time, being married and spending a lot of time traveling, I found it very hard to focus any of my time and energy on this project. I was becoming demotivated, anxious and even depressed. The perspective of not finishing this project successfully was something I could not imagine, yet I didn’t know how to tackle this task, which seemed like an insurmountable mountain. I needed someone to help me climbing it. Lidia was the one! Today, not only have I completed this project, but I have found energy and motivation to work on other projects. Thanks to Lidia, my creativity and my self-confidence got a boost. Moreover,  I started to apply  the things I learned in her coaching sessions in other parts of my life, with my friends, relatives and coworkers. All my relationships improved drastically. On a day to day basis, I use Lidia’s methods to relax, energize or get a task done quickly and efficientlyToday I can sincerely say that Lidia has showed me the way to becoming the person I want to be, and I thank her for that.“ Martine, European Parliament Assistant

“I began coaching with Lidia on a variety of topics relevant to my profession, but also to the work-private life balance. I feel she manages to help you find the inner motivation, that may at times be latent. By visualization, she made me see my goals better and encouraged me to work my way diligently towards achieving them. She does this with a youthful spirit that is fun and energizing, while understanding complexity linked to professional and private projects. And she makes possible the things that seem impossible!” N, Advisor, External Affairs in the European Parliament

“With Lidia we approached several problematics and two of my main examples are from totally different areas. As I work in a political environment, under tight deadlines, with priorities that change constantly and where very often I have to switch “registers”, this becomes quite stressful. I found the coaching sessions very useful because Lidia offered me a different perspective and helped me discover a different approach and different solutions to my problems. Being able to share thoughts with somebody thinking outside the European Parliament’s box and having a refreshing view on things proved to be so useful that, together with some colleagues, we proposed to organize some sessions with Lidia in the European Parliament.” R, Assistant, European Parliament

Lidia Dogaru is a trainer and a coach with international experience and a lot of passion for personal development. Her life purpose is to grow and help others grow, discover their potential and lead a more satisfying life. She works as a business coach in collaboration with MaieuticaRete, a coaches’ network in Italy, and as a life coach and trainer in Uptitude, that is the concept she wants to promote as a positive attitude towards life and business.  She delivers seminars in Brussels and in the European Parliament and coaches people on the following topics: lifestyle, life-work balance,  relationships, conflicts, objectives. She delivers training sessions and coaches in 3 languages: English, Italian and Romanian and  loves the interculturality, the chance to understand people from other cultures and help them understand themselves and reach their objectives. Certifications:

  • Master Practitioner in Life & Business Coaching
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy
  • Trainer and Train the Trainers
  • Anthony Robbins Mastery University
  • Anthony Robbins Business Mastery

For more details please go on the Testimonial page.


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