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stone jarLast week I got the chance to deliver an excellent training to almost 30 people from the Romanian Public Administration. It was great to talk to them and discover what the issues are in their organizations. The training was about Time Management and Stress Management.

I got the chance to apply myself Time Management techniques because we only had 9 hours available in 3 days and I had to focus on what’s important and do my best to help them practice during the training what they learned. We had fun, we learned a lot and we also relaaaaaaxed in the last day.

What did we cover?

Time Management:

  • Cause / Effect and the Victim & Creator Triangles
  • What’s Urgent and what’s Important. Where to focus
  • Pareto’s principle
  • How to save time

Stress Management:

  • Signs that someone is stressed
  • Discovering and eliminating the stressors
  • What’s in your control
  • Ways to relax
  • Relaxing exercise

The participants were engaged by some very interesting exercises to be more efficient in less time and focus on what’s important, and with a final relaxing exercise when for 30 minutes they experienced several techniques like breathing, music, progressive muscle relaxation, Time Line Therapy, anchoring, visualization etc.

Two important things that I would like to share with you and that would be very useful:

1. In the photo above you see the jar that I used for a Time Management demonstration.

That jar is a metaphor for your life: in order to be fulfilled you need to fill it first with big rocks, the big and important things like family, health, career, friends, development, spirituality (and other important things for you that are not necessarily urgent), then fill it with pebbles and sand and water (that are the other things in life).

If you fill the jar with the sand first (that is represented most of the times by the urgent things that are not really important), you will not be able to put in the big rocks anymore, so you will not have time left for the important things.

2. One of the exercises we had was to brainstorm on what you can do to use fully 5 minutes of your free time. We often think that 5 minutes of our time are not enough to do anything. But we are wrong and we got during this exercise around 100 ideas on how to spend this time.

Here you can find some interesting answers that you could also use:

  • take a massage
  • listen to music
  • watch a nice cartoon
  • call a friend
  • talk to someone
  • read a paragraph in a book
  • dance
  • read or listen to a joke
  • paint
  • take a walk
  • sunbathe
  • watch the sunset / the sunrise
  • take a shower
  • sing
  • do your hair
  • eat
  • kiss
  • have sex
  • hug a child
  • eat a piece of chocolate
  • meditate
  • dream
  • jump
  • relax
  • close your eyes
  • organize your agenda
  • go to the toilet
  • make plans
  • get a tea/coffee
  • read a page in a magazine
  • look in the mirror and talk to yourself
  • pray
  • just relax
  • stretch
  • do the dishes
  • just drive around
  • watch TV
  • make 5 pancakes
  • read an article on the internet
  • read the news on your smartphone
  • go on Twitter or Facebook
  • clean your desk
  • water the plants
  • make a tea
  • admire the view
  • take a short swim
  • buy something
  • play with your dog/cat.

These are only a few of the ideas that they came up with. So we can do so many things with the 5 minutes that we have between one task and another!

How can you invest 5 minutes daily for yourself?

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